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We offer services of auditing, statutory auditing, tax, compliance and business consulting to small and medium sized corporations, public institutions, and the education sector in Portugal, and, through other members of the MGI network, internationally.

auditoria financeira


Our team will provide a high-quality service, in compliance with International Auditing Standards (ISA). We deliver a personalized follow-up, identifying areas with opportunities for improvement in terms of internal control and risk reduction.


Statutory Audit

Statutory audits are mandatory and arise from a legal requirement of either the Commercial Company Code, the Securities Code, the Institute of Statutory Auditors, or other legal disposition. Integrity, Independence and Competence are the core values of the Institute of Statutory Auditors.

Revisao Contas
Fiscalidade Compliance

Tax and Compliance 

We have a multidisciplinary team with many years of experience in providing tax and compliance advice to national and international corporations.

Fusoes Aquisicoes

Mergers and Aquisitions

Our firm helps our clients to achieve their goals in every step of a merger, acquisition or corporate restructuring process. We work in cross-practice teams experienced in various types of transactions and sectors.



Our business consulting services support our clients in maximizing shareholder value. Whatever the problem to be solved or area that needs improving, you can count on a competent and dedicated team.

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